img_0918As well as our fantastic campus we have various resources to provide our students with a learning environment that inspires them to learn. Resources are shared for the benefit of students at various ages.

  • Spacious, airy and organised classrooms with a growing catalogue of subject specific resources
  • Video Conference (VC) technology allowing us to make optimum use of teaching resources across campuses for specialist A level options
  • Food Technology area
  • Science laboratory
  • Poly-tunnel
  • IT suite
  • An independent learning area where sixth form students can work peacefully and productively
  • Hall with stage, table tennis table for wet breaks and gym equipment
  • Beautiful grounds where students have established a pond, a vegetable patch, an art project piece, wicker weaving teepee and chickens have been temporarily housed as part of an extended project. All of these resources are used to varying degrees to inspire fellow students to build on the initiative of their predecessors







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