At Lancaster Campus we are extremely lucky to have a wide age range of students as we have Year 3 up to Year 13.

Junior students are currently taught in two mixed age classes: Year 3 and 4 and then Year 5 and 6. Senior students are tauimg_0923ght in Year groups.  There are, as of September 2018, 81 students on role.

All students also belong to a House group and there are numerous occasions when Juniors and Seniors mix to work together on House activities.

Students at Lancaster Campus are disciplined and motivated and conduct themselves very well throughout the school.  They enjoy the benefits of small classes and really have the opportunity to shine as a result of the teacher attention they receive. They are currently rising to the challenge of an increase in self-directed learning opportunities and their leadership and management skills are progressing very well.

One of our strengths at Lancaster Campus is that students are supportive of each other.  It is a very close-knit community and it is great to see older students as they help younger students to develop.

Updated April 2019

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