At Lancaster Campus we take as many of the opportunities as we can to broaden the students learning through experience.

The Schjapan-dayool operates a system of internal Extra-Curricular days to support the teaching of PSHCE and allow students opportunity to discover things about the world around them.  The whole school splits up into groups and together they complete a variety of activities based around a particular country or PSHCE theme.  They produce some excellent work and learn a variety of skills from these experiences.

PSHCE Day: Emotional Health

PSHCE Day: Beans

PSHCE Day: Judaism

PSHCE Day: Japan


Opportunities to Show Talent

There is much encouragement for all students to participate in musical tuition beyond the curriculum and we hold regular events to showcase the many talents of our students in the form of choir, band or individual performances.

Summer Recital

Talent Show



We also encourage our students to participate in sporting events with other campuses.

Sports Day 2017




A variety of school trips are available to students throughout their time at Lancaster Campus, bringing subjects to life.  Visits over the last academic year include Vindolanda, Malham, Tuille House, Skipton Castle, The Peak District National Park and Blackpool zoo.

Students enjoy the chance to learn outside of the classroom and to develop cross-curricular skills.

Geography Field Trip: March 2017

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