10 Mar

  • By mrscarterdavies

Wednesday 8th March we had a PSHCE day on Judaism in which we learnt about the history of Judaism, how Jews live and we also were given the opportunity to speak to a member of the Jewish community and ask any questions about her religion.

This day broadened our outlook as we could learn about how 0.05% of Great Britain’s population live!

Different year groups worked together throughout period 3-6, taking part in making timelines of Judaism, listening to Mrs Sheila (a Jewish speaker who visited school), a ‘go and find out’ session and last but not least a film was shown featuring Anne Frank – a Jewish girl who suffered the horrors of World War 2.

Some comments on the day were:
‘It was a very informative and made me more aware of other religious groups and the battles they face’ – Daisy Trevvett Year 12,
‘It was very enlightening to find out about Judaism’ – Scott Simpson, Year 13,
‘I learnt that actually some celebrities were Jews” – Roxy Simpson, Year 9,
‘I have had an email from the visitor saying the students were delightful to talk to and well behaved, and the teachers think the students took the day seriously and appreciated the fact they were here to learn about Judaism’ – Mrs Revell, English teacher.
Overall the day was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone!!
Nikita Fishwick