31 Mar

  • By mrscarterdavies
On the 29th March we (the sixth form) went to St John’s Hospice to make use of one of our epic talents – window cleaning! The people at the hospice were incredibly grateful for our service as they rely on the public for 2/3 of their running costs; by cleaning all (and yes…there were heaps!) their windows this saved them a large expense.
Once soggy and worn out we made our way inside whilst the hospice volunteers served their bedraggled helpers with revitalizing juice and some biscuits which we chomped on for half an hour.
We then wearily refilled our buckets then the girls cleaned more windows whilst the boys went and ‘cleaned’ the many windows on the summer house which is used if any patients want to get married.
Meanwhile Mrs Hartley was trying to keep on eye on both groups which did involve some ’round and round the summer house’ as the boys got slightly over excited about the fact the summer house was round. Eventually (30 minutes early) to the utmost astonishment of those at St John’s Hospice we traipsed inside as every window was now sparkling. ¬†The fast and furious cleaning being done we relished in the comfort of the chairs in the lounge until our parents came to pick us up. And so the day was brought to a close and I can stop rattling on…
By Nikita Fishwick
Some quotes about the day:
“Worthwhile experience” – Courtne√© Harrison
“We can’t say how grateful we are” – Paul (a worker at St John’s Hospice)
“I was very pleased and proud by how organised and enthusiastic everyone was, and how well they conducted themselves as ambassadors for Hornby Campus” – Mrs Hartley