16 Mar

  • By mrscarterdavies

Year 12 Geography Field Trips to Leeds and the Peak District

The A-level geographers: Courtnee, Daisy, Martha and Justine set off on 2 different field trips to gain a greater understanding of our work in the classroom.

An exciting start to our week: on Monday we travelled to Leeds, (by train!) and met up with students from Cottingham, York and Kenley campuses! The day was filled with completing surveys, interviewing tourists and assessing the urban regeneration and reimaging of the particular area, which was the Leeds Docklands. This work was completed for our ‘Changing Spaces, Making Places’ topic, which is all about settlement and how the image of places are created. Areas of Leeds have been reimaged and rebranded which has thus changed perceptions of Leeds as a space, which makes Leeds the place it is, which we were investigating.

Early on Tuesday morning we set off for Stanage Edge in Derbyshire, kindly accompanied by Mr & Mrs Whiley. Here we met with students from Cottingham, Hindhead, Kenley, Swaffham and York campuses! Here we learnt about the Carbon & Water Cycles, and involved soil testing, measuring water depth, pH testing, river velocity, carbon discharge of the river, and many other techniques. Stanage Edge is a beautiful area in the Peak District, a vast open spaces and stunning views. Much of the scrub is heather and reeds, as well as peat bogs (which we were studying,) – which are hard to manoeuvre around (as several of us discovered!) Stanage Edge is very exposed, with steep cliff drops, a common area for rock climbers.

We were accompanied by staff from the fieldwork sites who taught us lots of new skills and information. We learnt lots, had so much fun and enjoyed meeting new pupils. We are now more aware and informed of the geographical techniques in carrying out A-level fieldwork. We greatly look forward to working with the students from other campuses in the future – it was a brilliant time – so many thanks to everyone for organising the trips 🙂

“Very enjoyable, brings geography to life, great fun meeting new people” Justine

‘An excellent two days of learning and meeting fellow students from across the country!’ Martha

‘An insight into areas of the British Isles that I had never seen before’ Courtnee

Daisy Trevvett