06 Jul

  • By mrscarterdavies

Official data shows that students in year 6 at Hornby Campus have performed well above national statistics.

This year’s tests were more demanding and were based on a new curriculum. In the new tests, the expected level is set at 100 but scores can range between 80 and 120.

  • At Hornby Campus 92% of students met the standard in reading compared to 66% nationally.
  • At Hornby Campus 83% of students met the standard in maths compared to 70% nationally.
  • At Hornby Campus 100% of students met the standard in in grammar, punctuation and spelling compared to 72% nationally
  • At Hornby Campus 75% of students met or exceeded the standard in all three areas compared to 53% nationally.

My cup runneth over!

Well done to the students, and to the teachers and parents who have supported them throughout the academic year.