16 Dec

  • By mrscarterdavies

The new style interim reports have been sent home today.  They contain the following:

An indication of the current attainment in a subject. This is assessed by the teacher and is usually based on a formal assessment piece completed during the half term.

A target for each subject. In Y7 and Y8 this is an interim target based on making better than expected progress through to Y9.  In Y9 upwards there are two targets shown, the minimum expected grade and the challenge target.  All targets are based upon CAT indicators.

An indication of how your child is performing against their targets. This is written as ‘on track’, where we believe that based on current performance your child will reach the target level by the end of the year,  or ‘not yet’, where we  believe that based on current performance your child would not attain at that level at the end of the year.

A written piece of advice to help your child improve.  Labelled as ‘next step advice’, there is a written comment from your child’s teacher suggesting a way your child could further improve in that subject.