17 Nov

  • By mrscarterdavies

David Morris MP – Visited school as part of Parliament week.  He fielded questions such as:

What skills do you need to be an MP?
What’s it like being an MP?
Would you recommend being an MP?
What is the best thing about being an MP?
Who is the hardest MP to argue against?
How much time do you spend in London?
How long does it take to sort out a local issue?
What do you think is your most important responsibility as an MP?
What do you think of Brexit?
What was your hardest decision as a politician?
Who is the most important person you have spoken to?
What changes / improvements do you think are needed in the education system?
What do you think are the things that would most benefit society?
Do you sometimes feel nervous as an MP?
Do you think an MP should always vote the way his / her party wants them to?
Are there any policies that other parties support that you agree with?
How often do you attend parliament?
Which sessions do you go to (at parliament)?
Do you have a particular role at Westminster?
Have you spoken in a Westminster debate?
How long does it take to pass a law?
How many MPs are there?
How many people voted for you in the last General Election?
Where is your main base?
What do you normally get asked by the public?
What is the best/worst thing about the job?
How much power do you have?
What are you working on at the moment?
What have you done for our area?
What made you become an MP?
Did you always want to be an MP?
What qualifications do you need to be an MP?
How do you get to stand for an election?
Can you give us a summary of your job description?
Do you get time off – what are the working hours like?
Would you like to be Prime Minister one day?