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SDL Update: 19th June – 23rd June 2017

After an expected lull work has progressed rapidly last week on our Learning Centre:

The full size of the learning centre becomes obvious


Work has begun on our Learning Centre.


SDL Update 4: 26th March – 11th April 2017

After a little time for the footings to cure the steel work has arrived and has now been completed.




SDL Update 3: 20th March – 26th March 2017

Concrete has been poured in to form the footings of the building.


SDL Update 2: 13th March – 19th March 2017







SDL Update 1:  6th March 2017 – 12th March 2017:  Work Begins on the Learning Centre

The hardcore working base has been added:

Access Pathway has been dug:






Work begins on machine pad:



Year 10 and 11 Classroom upgrade video



Year 7 and 8 Classroom upgrade Video

Listen to our school song recorded October 2015